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Adding uplighting is the first step you want to take to enhance the appearance and mood of your event. From conventional halogen lights that produce warm glow with a beautiful shimmering effect to an almost infinite color palette of LED uplighting, DJ Next Level Entertainment is able to enhance the beauty of your event design and transform your space into a unique and flattering environment.

Not only is uplighting visually captivating, it is also a relatively inexpensive way to change the appearance of your space. Give us a call today 818-916-4058 or request a quote online to find out about our affordable uplighting packages.

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Don’t let your beautiful centerpieces or wedding cake go unnoticed! Highlight important details of your event by pinspotting them. A pinspot is a focused beam of light that shines directly onto an object and is a perfect solution to enhance specific items such as bars, centerpieces, signage, guestbooks or anything else you would like to draw attention to.

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Gobo Patterns &  custom name projection

Add texture to your space by incorporating pattern projections. Pattern projections or “break ups”, as the industry often calls them, can add another layer of sophistication to your uplit walls, dance floor or ceiling. Patterns can cover certain imperfections of the venue or make a boring space into a well-thought focal point in a room’s design.

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Intelligent Moving Heads

The pinnacle of an evening’s festivities is the dance floor. Speeches have been made, dinner served, so let’s dance! Intelligent dance floor lighting responds to the music on a second by second and is controlled by a DJ Next Level lighting technicians

String Lighting

Nothing can create a more intimate atmosphere than string lights or as they are also called café lights, market lights or bistro lights suspended just over your head on a warm LA night. Not only is it beautiful but it’s completely functional as well, draped over tables and food stations and dancefloors to bring them out of the dark when the sun goes down. What a perfect way to dress up an outdoor courtyard or reinvent your backyard for that party you’ve been planning.

Pipe and Drape

Beautiful draping is the perfect finish for your special event. With our wide variety of fabrics, rich colors and innovative designs, you can transform any hotel meeting room, an outdoor event, a ballroom or even convention center into a spectacular space.

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Wash Lighting

A “wash” is considered different than general Uplighting; a color wash is used in a room or space with a general fill of color and light. Your guests know they have reached the party once they step foot in the room and experience the difference. While Uplighting can highlight particular features in a space, wash lighting gives the area a more total transformation. The entire space is lit with soft lighting filters to provide color that is more evenly spread throughout the room. You can use a color wash to provide the entire event space with a warm glow. When combining this with Uplighting or Pinspoting, you can create a dramatic effect that will truly bring out the most important features in your event space.

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Special Effects



-Co2 Blasters

-Dry Ice


  • Twinkle | Fairy Lights

  • Bistro Lights | Cafe Stringers

  • Uplighting

  • PinSpotting

  • Custom Logo Projection

  • Pattern | Texture Projection

  • Dance Lighting

  • Stage Lighting

  • Décor Lighting

  • Intelligent Lighting

  • Architectural + Landscape Lighting

  • Tent Lighting

  • Lanterns

  • Mirror Balls

  • Chandeliers (view collection)

  • Custom Neon Signs

  • Power Distribution

  • Power Management via Generator

  • Truss Infrastructure

    • 12" Aluminum Curve Truss

    • 12" Aluminum Straight Truss

    • 12" Black Powder Coated Truss

    • 20" Aluminum Truss

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Led wall

An LED wall is when a series of LED tiles with zero bezel are linked together to create a larger-than-life display screen that enhances the accompanying image quality. LED wall rentals come in a number of different sizes, from the humble widescreen arrangement to set-ups that make the "wall" part more literal than figurative. LED video wall and screen rentals in Toronto are just another way that bb Blanc can start "Creating Event Magic" for your reception.